The Junk Continues

The junk just continues to grow. Once you're done with this stuff, go back to my homepage at, because you want to be sure you don't miss any of the Junky Pages.

A 17 Second MPEG Movie (392,000 Bytes) Demonstrating The Flushing Of A Toilet
A 10 Second MPEG Movie (372,000 Bytes) Of Someone I Know Up In A Tree
Jay's Dog Dino (The Five Pound Terrorist)
It's Not A Bird Or Plane, But SuperBert
Bert At 600 Pounds Wearing A Bikini
The Bertmobile - My First Attempt At Macromedia Flash (192,000 Bytes)
SuperBert In Flash (89,000 Bytes)
SuperBert Version 2 In Flash (275,000 Bytes)
Marriage - Before And After - Flash (173,000 Bytes)
Bert's Bug Banner - Another Attempt At Macromedia Flash (76,000 Bytes)
Bert's Dog And Cat Fight - Macromedia Flash (37,000 Bytes)
Bert's Human Resources Survey - Macromedia Flash (11,000 Bytes)
Bert Pong - Macromedia Flash (118,000 Bytes)
Sylvia - Macromedia Flash (550,000 Bytes)
Sylvia Screensaver- Macromedia Flash (315,000 Bytes)
Bert's Junky Jukebox (Very Large Flash Files)
Woman Dancing (In Flash, But She Doesn't Weigh 600 Pounds)
The Taliban Receiving Annoying Phone Calls - Flash (274,000 Bytes)
Farting Greeting Card - Flash (148,000 Bytes)
Leo's Great Day (Game) - Flash (273,000 Bytes)
President Bush On The Dance Floor - Flash (394,000 Bytes)
Combo Number 5 - Musical Flash Animation (1,000,000 Bytes - Executable)
RatBurgers.Com - Can't Decide What To Have For Dinner? Check Here First
Click Here To View My Totalled 1993 Toyota Corolla
More Assorted Pictures (Mainly House And Cars)
Paula and Eric's Wedding (12-30-01)
HermanMunster.Com - Jay's Dog Personal Web Page
Horses Racing But Going Nowhere
A 35 Second MPEG Movie (800,000 Bytes) With Louise, Her Family, And Jay

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