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The Unofficial Smiley Dictionary:
 :-o    Wow!                       :-c     Real unhappy
 :-|    Grim                       :-C     Just totally unbelieving
 := |   Baboon                     :-B     Drooling
 :-v    Speaking                   :-,     Smirk
 :-V    Shout                      :-||    Anger
 :-w    Speak with forked tongue   :-)     Smiling
 :-r    Sticking tongue out        :-(     Frowning
 :-*    Oops!                      '-)     Wink
 :-T    Keeping a straight face    ;-)     Sardonic Incredulity
 :-D    Said with a smile          %-(I)   Drunk with laughter
 :-x    Kiss kiss                  :-"     Pursing lips
 :-[    Pouting                    :-#     My lips are sealed
 :-X    A big wet kiss!            :-P     Tongue hanging out in anticipation
 :-Y    A quiet aside              8-|     Eyes wide with surprise
 >-<    Absolutely livid!!         &-|     Tearful
 @@@@@@@@@@:-)    "Marge Simpson!"
           |-{    "Good Grief!"  (Charlie Brown?)
           :-}    "Thish wine tashted pretty good"
           8-]    "wow, maaan"
           8-O    "Omigod!!" (done after "rm -rf *" ?)
           :-,    "Hmmmm "
           |~(    "Someone just busted my nose"
           :^D    "Great! I like it!"
           B-D    "Serves you right, dummy!!"
 :-)   Your basic smiley  This smilie is used to inflect a sarcastic or
       joking statement since we can't hear voice inflection over Unix
 ;-)   Winky smiley  User just made a flirtatious and/or sarcastic remark
       More of a "don't hit me for what I just said" smiley
 :-(   Frowning smiley  User did not like that last statement or is upset
       or depressed about something
 :-I   Indifferent smiley  Better than a Frowning smilie but not quite as
       good as a happy smiley
 :->   User just made a really biting sarcastic remark  Worse than a :-)
 >:->  User just made a really devilish remark
 >;->  Winky and devil combined  A very lewd remark was just made
Those are the basic ones   Here are some somewhat less common
 (-:   User is left handed
 %-)   User has been staring at a green screen for 15 hours straight
 :*)   User is drunk
 [:]   User is a robot
 8-)   User is wearing sunglasses
 B:-)  Sunglasses on head
 ::-)  User wears normal glasses
 B-)   User wears horn-rimmed glasses
 8:-)  User is a little girl
 :-)-8 User is a Big girl
 :-{)  User has a mustache
 :-{}  User wears lipstick
 {:-)  User wears a toupee
 }:-(  Toupee in an updraft
 :-[   User is a Vampire
 :-E   Bucktoothed vampire
 :-F   Bucktoothed vampire with one tooth missing
 :-7   User just made a wry statement
 :-*   User just ate something sour
;-(    User is crying
;-)    User is so happy, s/he is crying
:-@   User is screaming
:-#   User wears braces
:^)   User has a broken nose
:<)   User is from an Ivy League School
:-&   User is tongue tied
+-:-) User is the Pope or holds some other religious office
`:-)  User shaved one of his eyebrows off this morning
,:-)  Same thing other side
|-I   User is asleep
|-O   User is yawning/snoring
:-Q   User is a smoker
:-?   User smokes a pipe
O-)   Megaton Man On Patrol!  (or else, user is a scuba diver)
O :-) User is an angel (at heart, at least)
:-P   Nyahhhh!
:-S   User just made an incoherent statement
:-D   User is laughing (at you!)
:-X   User's lips are sealed
:-C   User is really bummed
:-/   User is skeptical
C=:-) User is a chef
@=    User is pro-nuclear war
*<:-) User is wearing a Santa Claus Hat
:-o   Uh oh!
(8-o  It's Mr Bill!
*:o)  And Bozo the Clown!
3:]   Pet smiley
3:[   Mean Pet smiley
d8=   Your pet beaver is wearing goggles and a hard hat
E-:-) User is a Ham radio operator
:-9   User is licking his/her lips
%-6   User is braindead
[:-)  User is wearing a walkman
(:I   User is an egghead
<:-I  User is a dunce
K:P   User is a little kid with a propeller beenie
@:-)  User is wearing a turban
:-0   No Yelling!  (Quiet Lab)
:-:   Mutant Smiley
      The invisible smiley
 -)   User only has one eye
,-)   Ditto   but he's winking
X-(   User just died
C=}>;*{O)  Mega-Smiley    A drunk, devilish chef with a toupee in an
      updraft, a mustache, and a double chin
Note: A lot of these can be typed without noses to make midget
:] - Gleep   a friendly midget smiley who will gladly be your friend
:) - Happy
:> - hmm, let me think
:D - Laughter
:I - Hmmm, not funny!
:( - Sad
:[ - Real Downer
:< - what pretences!
:{ - oh boy, the headmaster!
:O - Yelling
;( - Crying
[] - Hugs and
:* - Kisses
  :-`   smiley spitting out its chewing tobacco
  :-1   smiley bland face
  :-!           "
  :-\$   smiley face with it's mouth wired shut
  :-6   smiley after eating something sour
  8-)   smiley swimmer
  :-*   smiley after eating something bitter
  :-&   smiley which is tongue-tied
  :-0   smiley orator
  (:-(  unsmiley frowning
  =:-)  smiley punk-rocker
  =:-(  (real punk rockers don't smile)
  +-:-) smiley priest
  :-o   smiley singing national anthem
  :-p   smiley sticking its tongue out (at you!)
  :-[   un-smiley blockhead
  :-]   smiley blockhead
  :-{   smiley variation on a theme
  :-}   ditto
  {:-)  smiley with its hair parted in the middle
  }:-)  above in an updraft
  g-)   smiley with pince-nez glasses
  :-\   undecided smiley
  :-/   lefty undecided smiley
  :-|   "have an ordinary day" smiley
  ;-)   winking smiley
  :-<   real sad smiley
  :-x   "my lips are sealed" smiley
  :-c   bummed out smiley
  :-v   talking head smiley
  :-?   smilely smoking a pipe
  0-)   smiley cyclops (scuba diver?)
  :<    midget unsmiley
  :>    midget smiley
:-)     ha ha                   ~~:-(   net flame
|-)     hee hee
|-D     ho ho
:->     hey hey
:-(     boo hoo                   X-(   net suicide
:-I     hmm
:-O     uh oh                    >:-I   net startrek
:-P     nyah nyah                3:o[   net pets
|-P     yuk
Male    :-
Female  >-
Infinity        8
%\v     Picasso
:)      smiley
>:)     a little devil
%-|     been working all night
::-)    wears glasses
}:-(    bull headed
:-{)    has a mustache
:-#     braces
:-&     tounge-tied
:-D     big smile
C|:-=   Charlie Chaplin
=|:-)=  Abe Lincoln
:-W     speak with forked tongue
:-@     "I swear"
:-X     my lips are sealed
:-C     really bummed out
C=:-)   chef
*<:-)   Santa Claus
:-O     Mr  Bill
*:o)    Bozo
:*)     Ed McMahon
[:-)    wearing a walkman
:-))    double chin
:-7     smokes a pipe
C:#     football player
:-)8    man with bowtie
:-()    I stubbed my toe
:-( )   You stepped on my toe
:-(  )  You backed your car over my toe
(\\n: *)    a cat
Now here are some abbreviations you may often see:
CIS     =  Consumer Information Service (of CompuServe) (also CSi)
*P*     =  Prodigy Information Service (U.S.)
RTFM    =  Read the, uh, Friggin' Manual
PITA    =  Pain in the "acronym"
BTW     =  By the way
BFN     =  Bye, for now
TSR     =  Terminate and Stay Resident program
OTOH    =  On the other hand
OTTH    =  On the third hand
FWIW    =  For what it's worth
ROTFL   =  Rolling on the floor laughing
RSN     =  Real Soon Now
TTYL    =  Talk to you later
TTFN    =  Ta ta for now
WYSIWYG =  What you see is what you get
YMMV    =  Your mileage may vary
PPN     =  Programmer Project Number. Ie, a CIS user's ID#.
OIC     =  Oh, I see!
IMHO    =  In my humble opinion [the speaker is never humble]
IMCO    =  In my considered opinion
g,d&r   =  grinning, ducking, and running
OOTB    =  Out of the box
TTTTAF  =  Porky Pig's favorite!
That's it!

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