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Combine thousands of them into a dip. Serve with cow chips.


Fry 'em alive. Serve with ice-cold bat blood.


Mix in mayonnaise so they can't run away. Spread on stale bread.


Best used as mortar in building construction.


Not that tasty, but should not be wasted. Place them in a dinner salad. They'll blend in so your guests won't notice as they're eating them.


Go back and read that poem again!
Pigeon Droppings


Hot pigeon dropping soup sure 'hits the spot.'


Line six of them on a skewer. Then mount in barbecue. Serve them on the skewer to be bitten off, or dipped into a side of that delicious pigeon dropping soup.
Filet Mignon


Garbage. Just throw-out.


Why waste your money on this junk, when I've given you better gourmet ideas!

*Goober is this hard and lumpy mixture of peanut butter and jelly in a jar. Quite yummy, plus if you leave an open jar of it around, it will attract more than enough ants to make your ant dip with.

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