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Even though everyone will want to spend the rest of their lives browsing Bert's Extra-Junky Web Pages, there still might be a few out there who want to leave. The only reason this could possibly be is because of mental illness. So below are some popular links, although they don't have anywhere near the excitement of spending all your waking hours here.

Some Popular Sites

More Junky Pages (Your Best Choice!)
Check To See If Bert 'The eBay Tycoon' Is Auctioning Any Junk
Carol Ann Weston's Super Website
Sandy's Website
Florence's Website
Stuart And Tina's Website

Yahoo! - Search Engine
Webcrawler - Search Engine
Excite - Search Engine
Lycos - Search Engine
Magellan - Search Engine
GoTo - Search Engine
Alta Vista - Search Engine
Go Network-Infoseek - Search Engine
Hotbot - Search Engine
Google - Search Engine
Dogpile - Search Multiple Search Engines At Once
Mamma - The Mother Of All Search Engines
InfoSpace - Find People, Places, And Other Stuff
Yahoo! - People Search
MapQuest - Lots Of Mapping Info To Find Where You're Going
wwiTV - Radio And TV Stations That Broadcast On The Internet
Starting Point - Search Engine
AAA World Announce Archive - Search Engine
Google Usenet News Reader

CNNCable News Network
GeoCitiesHome to hundreds of thousands of web pages!
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