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Links Still Within Bert's Junk:

Jennifer With Judge Lance Ito Plus Other Pictures

Turn Bert's Extra-Junky Web Pages Into Bert's Extra-Ugly Web Pages!!!

Learn Extra Uses For All Those Useless CD-ROMS You Might Get In The Mail

Here's An Aquarium With Live Fish! (approx. 150 kb)

Lots Of Fun Animations To View (approx. 250 kb)

Those Gourmet Recipes

Info On Dining On Pet Food And At Palm Springs

Inexpensive Dining Advice At Taco Bell

That Roach Poem Again

See Roaches In Love

A Big Demonstration Of Proper Table Manners

Midi Music Files Played Here As Background Music, Plus Others

A Functioning Electronic Calculator On A Web Page

Animation Of Bert's Head Bulging In And Out (300K)

Animation Of Bert's Amazing Bending Neck (600K)

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More External Links:

Cal State Northridge (aka Trailer Tech, The Calamity Campus)

Cal State Northridge Library Web Pages

Cal State Northridge Library Catalog (telnet:, enter opac at "logon:" prompt)

University of California Library Catalog (telnet:, vt100 should be terminal type)

The White House

Attention K-Mart Shoppers! (Suggested by shopping expert Ricky Stein)

Greatest Car On The Planet! (Also suggested by racing expert Ricky Stein)

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