Roaches Are Good Food

Berton Corson

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Every time I see a roach,
Glorious thoughts go through my mind,
They look so yummy crawling on the floor,
That I must eat them with some wine.

Some don't seem to share my thoughts,
That roaches are good food,
Obviously they have never had a roach,
Baked, sautéed, or barbecued.

Roaches are very plentiful, you know,
You might find them in every house,
But you also may find it hard to believe,
That I find them tastier than a mouse.

I find roaches healthy to eat,
But everyone else thinks I am not well,
But I don't see their point of view,
They're bite size, crunchy, and usually don't even smell.

In all the restaurants in my town,
Roaches are never on the menu,
So I carry a few wherever I go,
And just drop them in my stew.

Someday I'll write a book,
1000 Ways to Cook a Roach,
With all my recipes contained within it,
My favorite, is to have them poached.

Or one can get some roaches and two slices of bread,
Put some ketchup and stick six roaches on one side,
And then cover it with the other slice,
So all them tasty roaches can then hide.

I wish I had more to say,
About dining on these scrumptious delights,
So you must try them for yourself,
Find a few, and dine on them tonight.

After you have had just one,
I am sure you will totally agree,
That roaches are a gourmet treat,
And go perfectly with tea.

By now you're thinking I have totally flipped,
From all that I have wrote,
But before contacting psychiatric help for me,
This is all just one sick joke.

Berton M Corson
February 1994

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